TOYOTA Ses’fikile Case Study

Custom Seat Covers

In 2017  KINDO Covers was approached by the TOYOTA technical division, after hearing that we were (and still are) the most active seat cover manufacturers in the taxi market segment.

The TOYOTA Technical Team are appointed to do thorough assessments regarding any new after-market products. For this reason, an audit of our factory was conducted, checking quality control procedures etc. In passing this audit, we were complimented on our overall setup, general procedures and quality-control.

The average taxi’s seats start showing wear around 30 000km.  By 40 000km further deterioration is evident. These pictures show the stark reality at 65 000km of a taxi seat having not used covers.


The Kindo Management met the Technical Team from TOYOTA and in-house tests were conducted at their laboratory in Prospecton, KZN.  After 3 months and 100 000 rubs, our covers were removed and there were no signs of wear or fraying.


  • TOYOTA bought four sets of KINDO covers for four 16-seater Ses’fikiles.
  • These were fitted at the Prospecton plant and were then monitored over a 2-year period, at various kilometre readings.
  • All assessments showed no sign of wear and the seats remained in their original condition.
  • The following slides show the outcome of these field tests…
Custom Seat Covers
Custom Seat Covers
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